Much more than just a toy

Discover robotics in an enjoyable way.

Ready to play

Zowi, the robot from Clan, is an amiable robot with which you'll explore the exciting world of technology.

You can play with and control it via the app; disassemble and reassemble it to access its circuits or create your own programming projects. A robot that adapts to your pace... When you complete a project new functions are unlocked!

Getting Started Download the app

Teach it how to do new things!

Programming new abilities for Zowi using Bitbloq is simple to do given the visual nature of this block-programming tool. You don't need to know anything about coding!

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Technology in the family and in the classroom.

Zowi is an ideal educational resource for learning as a family because together, child and adult share the same learning schedule throughout the projects. It's also an optimal resource for the classroom, allowing the teacher to propose motivating and appealing challenges.

For parents and teachers
    • Get your Zowi


      Get your Zowi

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  • Dimensions

    • Product: 140 x 150 x 93 mm
      Boxed product: 191 x 225 x 156 mm
  • Weight

    • Boxed product: 880 g
      Product: 461 g
  • Materials

    • PC + ABS injection moulded parts
  • Electronic components

    • Zowi controller board with incorporated microphone and buzzer
      Zowi ultrasonic sensor
      5 x 6 px LED matrix
      Rechargeable 3.7V 4040mAh LiPo battery
      4 x Futaba s3003 servos
      Ultrasonic sensor cable
      LED matrix cable
  • Connectivity

    • Micro-USB port
      Bluetooth® connection;
  • Battery life

    • Play time: up to 8 hours
      Standby time: up to 80 hours
  • Box contents

    • Zowi
      Micro-USB cable
      2.5 mm Allen key
      Pry bar
      Customisation stickers
  • Licence

    • Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike

      "ZOWI" is a work derived from "BOB", by k120189, under the CC BY-SA licence (, "ZOWI" has been created under the CC BY-SA licence by bqLabs. Refer to for more information
  • Miscellaneous

    • Android application available (v.4.0.3+)
      Programmable with Bitbloq
      Compatible with Arduino™
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