Turning on your Zowi.

Push the top button and Zowi will cheerfully greet you. Welcome to the world!

Try its three preloaded modes.

  • A. Dance: Zowi will surprise you with original dance steps thanks to the four motors in its legs. Have you seen how it does the Moonwalk?

  • B. Walk and avoid obstacles: Zowi's eyes are actually ultrasonic sensors. Place objects or your hand at the height of its eyes and it will avoid colliding with these.

  • A + B. Responds to touches on the head and nearby sounds: Zowi has a microphone which it uses to listen to what's happening around it. Try nudging it or clapping near its head and see how it reacts.

Download the Zowi App and... start playing!

It offers games and activities. When a challenge has been overcome, new games and movements appear and new functions are unlocked. Discover them all!

  • GamePad

    Turn your device into a gamepad for controlling and guiding Zowi's movements.

  • 3, 2, 1 Action!

    This game lets you program various actions and the order in which you want Zowi to do them.

  • Repeat with Zowi

    Can you remember the movements Zowi does? We'll put your memory to the test!

  • Draw the mouth

    Quick! You only have a few seconds to memorise and draw the shape that was displayed on Zowi’s face. Get it right and move up a level!

“Discovery” projects

Learn more about robotics and programming with these fun challenges. Once they have all been surpassed you will be capable of creating your own projects, games and activities.

Go to the discovery projects

Program it with Bitbloq

Teach your robot new skills. Bitbloq is a programming tool that’s simple to use. It lets you create your own tunes or program Zowi to react to sound. You can also add new sensors to it and program them via Bitbloq.

Program it with Bitbloq

Customise your Zowi

Disguise Zowi in a thousand different ways with downloadable cutouts, and if you have access to a 3D printer, you can print new casings to give Zowi a new look.

Download content for your Zowi

Take care of your new friend

Zowi has been made to keep up with your pace, but it's not indestructible! Given it's a real robot some of its parts are fragile, so try to avoid dropping Zowi while you're playing with it.

Go to hospital