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Welcome to Discover Projects, a series of activities in which you will learn how to use, improve and increase your Zowi’s possibilities, learn new things and play loads of games, all with your favourite robot friend.

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Did you know?

As well as being fun, the Discover Projects will let you unlock new movements, gestures and projects. Unlock them all to get the best out of your Zowi!

Experiment 1 – Experiment 1

The app contains a game called GamePad. This app lets you control Zowi using the movement buttons. Let’s look at what each button does.


Pad On the left is a D-pad. If you press up, Zowi will walk forwards, if you press right, Zowi will go right, and so on. Did you notice the little red arrows? These allow Zowi to move forwards while turning.
On the right is the special movements area. You’ll have to unlock these by playing and doing Discover Projects. To do a special movement, press it and pay attention to which keys on the D-pad remain lit up. This means you need to press the special movement and one of the keys on the left at the same time. Buttons
Button Speed What about if you want to go faster or slower? Look for the speed gauge below. The further the orange bar is to the left, the slower Zowi will go.

Have you understood? Positive? Let’s try it with another game!

  1. Search the house for four objects around the same size as Zowi or smaller (like boxes or balls).
  2. Arrange them around Zowi, making sure they are all separated from each other.
  3. zowi_PAD_ini

  4. Control Zowi using the GamePad and group the obstacles together.
  5. zowi_PAD_fin

You can do other things with the GamePad, like moving. It also has the Change mouth and Make movements buttons. Clicking on any of them will open a menu where you can choose Zowi’s mouth or movements. These are also locked to start off with.

Button Smile Button Happy

As you’ve seen, the Zowi GamePad is a very complete tool. It lets you control Zowi simply and easily.

If you want to learn more about GamePads, try the following experiment.


Zowi might fall over depending on the surface you use it on. Try different speeds and different surfaces.

Experiment 2 – The predecessors of game controllers

Have you ever wondered why video game controllers are the way they are? The first consoles were very different from the ones we have now.
From the 1960s (when the first video games were made) until now, controllers have evolved a lot. They have become more and more complex, with extra buttons, vibration, sensors, and so on.


Improved controllers means games with more options. But in reality, a controller just needs two essential features:

  • To be easy to hold and use for hours at a time. Your muscles will get so used to the movements it will feel like your fingers are moving by themselves!
  • Allow different games to be played with it. Why? Because the controller will always be the same no matter what game you play.

Which is the oldest?

Below you can see a few famous controllers from throughout video game history.

  1. Can you order them in the order they first appeared? From oldest to newest.
  2. There is a letter in the corner of each picture. Once you have them in the correct order, these letters will form a word.

NES-controller Sega_Dreamcast PS1-Controller (1) Atari-Joystick Xbox controller

Moment of inspiration!

Did you correctly match each controller to its games console? Why don’t you look each games console up online and find out what its most famous video game was?