Robot choreography

Robots, video games, computer programs, and even your washing machine work by following instructions set by a programmer. These lists of instructions are called algorithms. Without algorithms, robots like Zowi wouldn’t know what to do.


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Did you know?

Almost all programming languages are very similar. Learning one might be difficult, but after that, learning another one should be much easier.

Experiment 1 – Let’s Dance!

Have you ever looked at how dancers move? How do they think of the movements? Usually, they’re not improvising. Before performing the dance, either they or their director come up with the moves and then learn them in order. This is called choreography. The director tells the dancers which steps to do and in which order.

Does it remind you of anything? That’s right! The director creates an algorithm to control how the dancers dance. Would you like to be a dance director? Zowi loves to dance.

The Zowi app has a game called 3,2,1 Action! with which you can make dance routines for Zowi.

3,2,1 Acción Tablet

As you know, an algorithm is a list of commands, which will form the basis of the game. Using the buttons below, you can choose which movement to do, which face to put on and which gesture to do. When you’ve finished, just press the Play button below to start the algorithm. Zowi will perform each instruction from left to right, one after the other.

Touch and hold an instruction and drag it to change the order or delete.

Now choose a song and dance routine.

  1. Find a way to play your song while you use the app.
  2. Choose Zowi’s movements and faces.
  3. Start the song at the same time as you press Play.
  4. And if you like, dance along with Zowi!

Did you know?

In an algorithm all of the instructions are necessary to achieve an aim. An algorithm for walking would be something like:

  1. Lift your right foot.
  2. Move forward.
  3. Lower your right foot.
  4. Lift your left foot./li>
  5. Move forward.
  6. ower your left foot.

Try and walk without following all of these steps. Be careful because you’ll fall over!

Experiment 2 – Perfecting the dance

Would you like improve the dance even more? What about a slow-motion dance? Keep reading to become the new star of the world of robotics.

When an algorithm (or dance) becomes complicated, each step needs to be as detailed as possible. In the game 3, 2, 1 Action! you can specify each movement using the red buttons below.
You can modify:

  • The speed of the movement.
Velocidad coreografia
  • The amount of times in a row you want the movement to be performed.
Repeticiones coreografía
  • The direction of the movement (for certain movements only).
Dirección coreografía

Improve your dance using these buttons and record it. If you like, you can ask your parents to upload it to YouTube with the name “Zowi Dance – xxxxx”. Replace the Xs with the name of your dance.